With this work, I am exploring my family’s dynamic. This series started when my younger brother, who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis, was admitted to the hospital for the first time. 

As the work has progressed, it has revealed a variety of emotions hardships, camaraderie and strength. The project has expanded, from a narrow focus on my brother’s medical condition to a more complete document of his life—and my family dynamics of my mother, father, myself, and middle brother. 

Released from the confines of the hospital, my camera is now observing our new normal—that is, what happens now that my brother is back home. Some images document his medical regimen, while others depict scenes of family members living everyday life. Likewise, the accompanying video details scenes of family life such as family gatherings and everyday life with shots of my brother using the high-frequency chest wall oscillator he needs for his at-home treatment. The portraits act as an introduction to the characters in my family. My other photographs serve as recordings or documents of our lives.